GWK goes visiting Am Bruckwald in Waldkirch, Germany

Earlier this year I was very lucky to be invited to Am Bruckwald and allowed to take lots of photos, a selection of which follows.

It was one of those early Summer mornings when the light is crystal clear, the clouds pearly-white and the colours intense.

The houses are on a hill facing west, with a path running in a winding course between them. Each turn in the path brings another set of colours
and impressions.

Not only that, but each house has its own name written on a wonderful plaque!

Right at the top of the path is the latest addition to the location, almost finished as one can see.

Walking down toward the main building, one passes flashes of colour such as a red building between intense green bushes, confirming the impression of bold and lovely colours! Not forgetting to mention this lovely object d'art on top of one of the buildings.

All in all, a more than colour ful experience - the location of the site is fantastic in its own right with history all around, including a lovely old castle.

Christian Schreiber was kind enough to not only allow me to take lots of photographs, some of which may be viewed above, but also gave me a wonderful conducted tour of the institution. The warmth and enthusiasm with which he explained the history and future plans was something I will remember for a long time - thank you!